Nancy Pearlman is an award-winning broadcaster, environmentalist, college educator, anthropologist, editor, documentarian, politician, and outdoorswoman who has made safeguarding the earth’s ecosystems a life-long career.

Since 1970, when Nancy coordinated the first Earth Day in Southern California, she has worked with and continues to be involved with hundreds of conservation organizations, serving as administrator, founder, member of advisory councils, participant, and member of boards of directors. She founded the Ecology Center of Southern California and Compendium Newsletter in 1972, Project Ecotourism in 1993, Humanity and the Planet in 2001, Earth Cultures in 2004, and Nancy Pearlman the Eco-Traveler in 2007.

Environmental Directions, her international weekly radio series, was started in 1977 and is now the longest-running environmental radio series in the country on broadcast and the internet with over 2500 shows produced. She has also hosted and produced Environmental Viewpoints radio and Feminist Magazine radio.

As Executive Producer and Host of the three-time EMMY nominated environmental television series ECONEWS, Nancy covers every ecological issue. Since 1984, she has presented her programs weekly to over 15 million homes via cable and broadcast television and over the internet. Over 600 shows air on local origination, public access, governmental, school, and university channels, as well as on some PBS stations. Her themes include conservation, wildlife and ecosystem preservation, ecotourism, overpopulation, climate change, ethnic dance, and anthropological documentation.

She served four terms (sixteen years) as an elected Trustee for the Los Angeles Community College District where she led the efforts for all nine colleges to be sustainable, both in buildings and in operations. In the 1990s and from 2017 to 2020, Nancy taught Anthropology and Communications at Harbor College, West Los Angeles College, East Los Angeles College, City College, and Pierce College.

Nancy is a member of the Gypsy Folk Ensemble and performs and teaches ethnic world dance. Her athletic achievements include completing the Western States 100-mile run, finishing the Ironman Triathlon, climbing more than 150 listed peaks in California, winning long-distance races such as the 1980 Regional Championship 50-mile race (placing her fifth in the world), and participating in equestrian events. At age 65, she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak at 19,336 feet.

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