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Consultancies and Lectures


Nancy Pearlman is available as a consultant and speaker in many capacities. Her areas of expertise includes environmental and conservation issues, ecotourism and sustainability. Suggested Lecture Topics: Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic World Dance; Ecotourism and World Travel; Cultural and Natural history documentaries; green and sustainable living; and problems and solutions for the world’s ecological crisis.

* Conference Speaker on "Our Ecological Crisis" or "Ecotourism Opportunities" or "World Dance"
* Seminar Moderator or Meeting Panelist or Workshop Leader
* Host and Interviewer for Television and Radio Programs
* Producer of Documentaries and Media Consultant
* Ethnic World Dance Talks and Performances

Talks On:
* Cultural Anthropology & Protection of Cultures Around the World
* Safeguarding the Earth's Ecosystems
* Responsible & Ecological Travel & Ecotourism Opportunities
* Developing Sustainable Operations & Ecological Lifestyles
* Promoting Green Jobs & Environmental Curriculum
* Saving Biodiversity, Wilderness & Wildlife
* Support Green Jobs Training & Sustainable Development
* Understanding Ecological Philosophies & Wisdom especially Pantheism & Feminism
* Humanity & the Planet: Helping Africans with Wells, Schools and Orphanages
* Long-Distance Running; Hiking Principles for the Workplace & a Healthy Life
* Earth Cultures: Ethnic World Dance Talk & Demonstration with Authentic Folk Costumes


P. O. Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035
land/work (310) 559-9160; cell/message (213) 705-4992