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On March 7, 2017, Nancy Pearlman will be running for her fifth term as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). As an environmentalist, anthropologist, educator, and broadcaster, Nancy has dedicated her life to public service.

As the longest serving Trustee, Nancy has the most experience and history of any current trustee and is dedicated to the Los Angeles Community College District. She has been active in the conservation/ecological/green movement for over 46 years and is the strongest environmentalist on the Board of Trustees.

Having attended City College in the late 1960s, Nancy has a BA from UCLA and a MA from Antioch University. She has taught in the LACCD at Harbor, West, Valley, Trade, and Southwest Colleges.

As a trustee Nancy will continue her work to:
* Improve Student Success by providing strong academic support
* Maintain fiscal accountability
* Continue the green and modern building/facilities programs
* Make campuses ecological, safe, and sustainable

When first elected in 2001, Nancy led the campaign to have the nation’s largest green public building program as the nine colleges renovated and built facilities to meet the educational master plans for the 21st century. A LEED certified and silver standard was adopted for over 250 building projects under a six billion dollar bond program. She continues to make sure that the buildings will be ecological.

Other concerns Nancy is focused on includes:
* making campuses secure and safe with strong security
* reducing student fees (“tuition”) and reducing student loans
* ensuring that all colleges have full accreditation
* having special programs to assist veterans, disabled, low-performing, and first-time students
* getting student passes for buses and the metro
* improving the scholarship offerings of the district and colleges foundations

Nancy is also focused on making the general operations and maintenance activities green and sustainable. She consistently advocates and leads the effort for a Board Sustainability Committee In addition, she tries to increase the environmental studies curriculum in the academic program.
Specifically, Nancy is:
* improving water and and energy conservation especially by increasing the number of solar panels
* trying to eliminate all toxic cleaners and pesticides and other dangerous chemicals from
* removing non-native grasses and plantings and planting native vegetation
* having effective recycling programs at all colleges
* purchasing recycled products such as paper and restroom supplies

Nancy is the only trustee on the Board that has visited the LACCD’s Gold Creek Ecological Field Station in Little Tujunga and advocates for funding for a full-time faculty coordinator and to improve the site with compost toilets, solar panels (for nighttime classes), and exotic weed removal. This gem of a natural area is unique and needs to be protected and preserved. She was also instrumental in having the LACCD joining the Southern California Marine Institute.

P. O. Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035
land/work (310) 559-9160; cell/message (213) 705-4992